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2000+ Turnkey Websites & Scripts

2000+ Turnkey Websites & Scripts
2000+ Turnkey Websites & Scripts 2000+ Turnkey Websites & Scripts
Product Code: promo Turnkey
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Price: $48.00
Ex Tax: $48.00
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Claim Instant Ownership to a
Huge Collection of Ready-To-Go Websites Complete with
Master Resale Rights!

"Take Advantage of This LIMITED Opportunity

To Grab a GIGANTIC Selection of Turnkey Websites

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ATTENTION: Affiliate Marketers - Content Site Developers - Beginner and Experienced Alike - Anyone Needing to Establish or Expand a Powerful and Profitable Online Presence ...

    Dear Affiliate Marketer,

   If you have been looking for a way to increase your affiliate sales and bank more cash, this is it!

   What's more you can quickly and easily make a change or add your own unique articles through the simple to use, and feature packed admin panel.

The Ultimate Turnkey Websites & Scripts Pack 2000+ Is Here....


2000+ New Turnkey Niche Money Making Websites!

Perfect for Clickbank, Adsense and Amazon affiliate marketers!

Whether you want to start your own collection of profitable websites or simply need some new scripts for an upcoming project there is no doubt that our download offers one of the most comprehensive collections of PHP scripts available anywhere on the net. Remember we have personally hand selected only the best scripts which we feel are not only reliable but represent the best in their category. Don't waste time trawling through thousands of scripts online when you can have the very best emailed direct to your inbox within seconds.

These 2000+ brand new turnkey websites are easy to setup and configure and work for you to bring traffic and sales on auto-pilot!

Check out the amazing long list of website and scripts included in this pack below,

  1. Multiple Membership Website
  2. Virtual Properties Directory
  3. Affiliate Directory
  4. Affiliate SmS Website
  5. Article Directory
    (Includes Several Huge PLR Articles Packages)
  6. Multi-Vendor Downloads Marketplace
  7. Domain Trader With Parking Website
  8. Software Index Directory
  9. Software Index Directory 2
  10. PPC Advertising Website
  11. Ebay Info Store
    (Includes 40 Ebooks & Auction Tools)
  12. Fully Stocked Ebook Store
    (Containing 150 Ebooks)
  13. Ebook Store
  14. Forums
  15. Affiliate Casino Website
  16. Image Hosting Website
  17. Revenue Directory
  18. Music/Mp3 Affiliate Website
  19. Ebay Cashflow Website
  20. Downloads Stores
  21. Banner Exchange
  22. Favicon Website
  23. Scripts Directory
  24. Scripts Directory 2
  25. Media Sharing Website
  26. Ebook Store
  27. Paid To Click Website
  28. Paid To Click Website 2
  29. Gaming Directory
  30. Exit Exchange
  31. Hosting Website
  32. Hosting Website 2
  33. Hot Or Not Website
  34. Careers Directory
  35. Careers Directory 2
  36. Careers Directory 3
  37. Guestbook Website
  38. Models Website
  39. Remind Website
  40. Legal Form Website
  41. Mens Health Website
  42. Reviews Website
  43. Host Index Directory
  44. Link Directorys
  45. Search Engine Submission Websites
  46. Auction Websites
  47. Adult Personals Directory
  48. Business Websites
  49. Gaming Websites
  50. Recipe Website
  51. Recipe Website 2
  52. Licence Creator Membership Website
  53. Affiliate Travel Directory
  54. Affiliate Ringtones Website
  55. Home Business Directory
  56. Home Business Directory 2
  57. Fully Stocked Slimming Ebook Website
  58. Domain Appraisals Website
  59. Domain Appraisals Website 2
  60. Affiliate Toolbar Website
  61. Credit Repair Website
  62. Flash Business Website
  63. Yoga Article Directory PLR!
  64. Baby Showers Article Directory PLR!
  65. Crochet Article Directory PLR!
  66. 14 Cloned Websites Package
    (Youtube, Myspace, Imageshack, Upload Galaxy, Yousendit, Rapidshare, Hotscripts)
  67. 170 Niche Adsensed Article Directorys MRR!
  68. 90 Adsensed Wordpress Blog Themes
  69. 78 Cgi & Php Scripts Package
  70. 114 Power Scripts Package
  71. 83 Scripts To Spruce Up Your Website
  72. 40 Adsensed Article Directorys
  73. Ebiz Gallery Pro
  74. Easy Clickbank Store
  75. Vip Helpdesk PLR!
  76. Vip Shopping Cart PLR!
  77. 4 Photo Rating Websites
  78. Membership Juggernaut
    (Professional Membership System)
  79. 4 Dating Websites
  80. Affiliate Template Store
  81. Dynamic Heading Creator
  82. Reseller Powercart
  83. Halloween Websites
  84. Membership Site Manager PLR!
  85. No More Grey Screens
  86. My Downloads Area Script
  87. Logout Script
  88. Login Manager Pro
  89. Joke Websites
  90. Diets Website
  91. Home Automation Website
  92. Anti-Virus Website
  93. Wedding Website
  94. Plasma Tv Website
  95. Seo Website
  96. Treadmills Website
  97. Online Business Website
  98. Parenting Website
  99. Piano Website
  100. Hairloss Website
  101. Home-Equity Website
  102. Jewelry Website
  103. Gardening Website
  104. Golf Website
  105. Guitar Website
  106. Ebay Website
  107. Domain Names Website
  108. Auto-Insurance Website
  109. Bipolar Disorder Website
  110. Bee Keeping Website
  111. Choosing Alternate Fuel Website
  112. Banish Bad Habits Website
  113. Definative Guide To Buying Homes Website
  114. Simple Form Builder
  115. Clickbank Ads Genie
  116. Clickbank Automation System
  117. Pro Safelist
  118. Protect Url
  119. Intelligent 404
  120. Dynamic Form Generator
  121. Paid For Clicks Script
  122. Rebilling Pro
  123. Only Rotate
    (Free & Paid Website Rotation Membership System)
  124. Auto Site Creator
  125. Automall
  126. Traffic Convertor Pro
  127. Affiliate Master
  128. Power Effects V1 & V2 MRR!
  129. Exit Prophet Pro
  130. My Viral Lottery
  131. Multilingual Profit Generator
    (Creates Amazon Stores In English, French, German)
  132. Ads Rotator
  133. Easy Jv & Affiliate Manager
  134. Instant Download Form
  135. Google Sitemap Maker
  136. Mail Giant Pro
  137. Ads Tracker
  138. Digital Product Management Script
  139. Audible Store Generator PLR!
  140. Context Generator
  141. Downline Builder
  142. Data Manager Pro
  143. Paypal Money Making Safelist Script
  144. Site Comments Pro
  145. Web Poll Pro
  146. Flea Market
  147. Script Installation Video Guides
  148. Expired Domain Finder Script
  149. Youtube Video Sites Generator
  150. Google Adsense Logger Script
  151. Mobile Phone Stores
  152. Ecommerce Stores
  153. Movie Stores
  154. Baby Stores
  155. Electronics Stores
  156. Starwars Stores
  157. Body Jewelry Stores
  158. Advertising Membership Blog
  159. 5 Casino Websites
  160. Image File Hosting & Sharing Membership Website
  161. Pixel Website
  162. Harley Davidson Stores
  163. Mega Portal
  164. Music Stores
  165. Mortgage Websites
  166. 3 My Space Resources Websites
  167. 3 Atkins Diets Websites
  168. Banner Advertising Websites
  169. 5 Traffic Reseller Websites
  170. Site Counter Website
  171. Payloan Websites
  172. Freelance Websites
  173. Giftstore Generator
  174. 3 Clickbank Stores
  175. Pet Nutrition Websites
  176. Golf Stores
  177. Encryption Website
  178. 4 Poker Websites
  179. Web Tools Website
  180. .........
  181. and many more! More Than 2000+ websites & scripts &  Software .....................


You get all the templates, graphics, content and admin panel ready to upload and start profiting.

Just add your affiliate IDs and traffic and you have your own niche website empire!

Unique and Professional premade Website templates, Flash templates, Powerpoint presentation templates, Corporate identity and logo designs.
All templates offered at fullfil the highest quality standards, are user-friendly and easy to customize.

This means that you get the info you want and need in a simple, easy to understand, step-by-step, watch-&-learn format all neatly filmed and produced for you as a single comprehensive set.

  • Grab this HUGE "Power Scripts" Package And Start to Make A Fast Profit With A High Demand Products "Profit Pulling Package, Gives You The Power To Create Different Niche Websites" Without Spending A Fortune Hiring A Specialist To Do It...
  • Create your own websites and operate them with these scripts. You can sell this entire Package over and over and keep all the money. You can sell the scripts individually.
  •  You can split the scripts into different related groups to create and sell special interest script packages You can start your own private membership site and charge customers a monthly fee for access to the scripts.

A few Ways

To Make Money With

This huge Package of Scripts

  • Create your own websites and operate them with these scripts.

  • You can sell this entire Package over and over and keep all the money.

  • You can sell the scripts individually.

  • You can split the scripts into different related groups to create and sell special interest script packages

  • You can start your own private membership site and charge customers a monthly fee for access to the scripts.

Plus much more...


These tools won't just increase your traffic, they can increase your income as well!

Integrate these scripts in to your site, add some ads above and below the scripts to promote your own list, products, adsense ads, or affiliate products to a loyal repeat audience.




Order Your 2000+ Niche Blogs

Preloaded With Content Now!



This is a time limited offer,

and the first  50 customers   to order will enjoy a MASSIVE discount...

NOT $2397...

NOT $1297...

NOT even $127...


Our Guarantee/Refund Policy

We guarantee these sites to work perfectly when they are installed correctly on appropriate professional servers. Be certain that you want this product before you purchase. For those who are planning to pirate this product by asking for a refund, this guarantee is void for you.

Your getting nearly 10 times the value of these products for the price we are blowing this package out at. You get all the products, graphics, sales letters, resources and rights for a measly fraction of the package's value.

With all that said, we want good customers to order with confidence, and without risk. If you give these sites a shot, and decide within 90 days of purchase that they are not for you, then send a copy of your PayPal receipt to and request a refund.

You Know That TIMING Means PROFIT On The Internet!

And Those Who Act First Take Home The Most Money.

So do not miss this opportunity. It's a sure bet that if you do nothing you will get nothing in return.

And if you don't do something today .... you probably never will.


Server Requirements:
If you want to use them yourself, your web server must have support for PHP. Some of the scripts also require mysql.

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